如果注册,注册完毕以后,首先会收到邮件注册确认信件。通过收到的注册邮件,确认开通。其次,在登录的时候会提示,无法登录。因为接下来还需要人工审核才能完成注册,如果您超过24小时人工还没有给您审核,请把注册的名字,发邮件给[email protected]

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If you register, after the registration is completed, you will first receive an email registration confirmation letter. Confirm activation through the registration email received. Secondly, when you log in, you will be prompted that you cannot log in. Because manual review is still required to complete the registration, if you have not reviewed it manually after 24 hours, please send an email to [email protected] with the registered name.